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Oakhill – Glenwood Derby Day a resounding success

Oakhill – Glenwood Derby Day a resounding success

Oakhill and Glenwood have a fierce rivalry, but more importantly they have the most fantastic camaraderie between players and staff. At how many schools in the country do you see pupils from both schools sitting together and supporting their 1st Teams? The success of the day was down to evenly-matched competitive sport, played in the right spirit and the friendships and relationships that were rekindled. All who attended this special event, arrived to the smell of freshly cooked bacon and filter coffee and were treated to an extremely high level of sport, an electric atmosphere and warm sunshine. Oakhill dominated the Hockey, while Glenwood were too strong in Netball and the Chess was evenly contested. Oakhill has tremendous respect for Glenwood and this competitive environment is healthy for all involved as it is an example to many on how to play sport. Play to win, but never at the expense of any of the sporting values that we continuously try and instill in our young sportsmen and women. Oakhill would like to extend a huge thank you to Glenwood for a fantastic day of sport.

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