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Nicola Giliomee: I want to ride my bicycle

Nicola Giliomee: I want to ride my bicycle

This popped up during the weekend and as a proud school with so many students achieving such great things after school hours, it is definitely something to celebrate on our website:

This is an article that was published on Friday regarding Nicola Giliomee.

Click on this link to read more about Nicola’s success…

Nicola has just received another sponsorship, this time from PURE NUTRITION. She won the Rooiberger MTB this past weekend being the 1st lady in the 93 km. Nicola is doing very well on her bike and we are extremely proud to see another one of our adventure racers excel.

Reading though the article, and once again seeing what a lovely caring young lady she is, has made me so proud to be part of what we do here. Nicola is a true ambassador for the sport, her family, her school and her town.

From: Riaan van Straten

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