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Naturally Knysna Trail Run

Naturally Knysna Trail Run

On 2 October, 4 Oakhill learners took part in the Naturally Knysna Trail run. This was a 14km trail run through the Knysna forest and consisted of some steep climbs, descents and crossing streams. On the morning of the event the heavens opened up and it was pouring rain throughout the run. This made the run very muddy and even tougher. It did not scare the Oakhill runners as the results shows that they are champions in any weather conditions!


Michaela Beers – 1st junior female (23rd overall)
Amy Williams – 2nd junior female (39th overall)
Jason Campbell – 1st junior male (7th overall)
Josh Nel – 3rd junior male (26th overall)
Mr Riaan van Straten – 10th senior male (12th overall)

Congratulations to all the runners and a big thank you to the families who waited in the rain for the runners to come in.

by Riaan van Straten

Naturally Knysna Trail Run - Amy Williams, Josh Nel, Jason Campbell, Michaela Beers

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