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2021 Matric Results

2021 Matric Results

Congratulations to our 2021 Matrics! Our Class of 2021 has achieved some wonderful results, both individually and collectively. Once again our Matric group have achieved a 100% pass rate, as well as a 100% Bachelor’s Degree Pass.

  • 38 matrics; 64 distinctions
  • 100% pass rate; 100% BD pass (University exemption)
  • 12 Distinctions above 90%
  • 5 Students above 80% aggregate
  • 14 Students above 70% aggregate
  • 27 students managed one or more subject distinctions
  • 8 subjects with an aggregate of over 70%
  • 3 subjects with an aggregate over 80%
  • All marks for English above 60%
  • 20 out of 38 Mathematics and Mathematics Literacy students achieved a distinction
  • 65% of Mathematics Literacy students with a distinction

Top Achievers

Seven Distinctions
  • Alodie Gould-Wagenaar (English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Business Studies, History, Visual Arts, Life Orientation. Over 90% for both Visual Arts and Life Orientation)

Six Distinctions
  • Kathryn Brown (English, Afrikaans, Mathematical Literacy, History, Life Sciences, Visual Arts. Achieved 99% for Mathematical Literacy and is in the top 1% for Maths Lit nationally)

  • Jodie Matter (English, Afrikaans, History, Life Sciences, Visual Arts, Life Orientation. Achieved 90% for Visual Arts)

Four Distinctions
  • Mila Factor (English, Afrikaans, History, Life Orientation)

  • Christi Pretorius (Afrikaans, Dramatic Arts, Mathematical Literacy, History)
Three Distinctions
  • Jemma Ronaldson (Afrikaans, Mathematical Literacy, Business Studies. Achieved over 90% for Mathematical Literacy)
  • LihannĂ© le Grange (Afrikaans, Mathematical Literacy, Visual Arts. Achieved 90% for Afrikaans)

  • Nate Macdonald (Mathematics, IT, Physical Sciences. Achieved over 90% for IT)

  • Rick Matter (Mathematics, History, Life Orientation)

  • James Devine (Mathematics, CAT, IT. Achieved over 90% for IT)

  • Gabriella van Schoor (English, Mathematical Literacy, Visual Arts)

17 other students achieved either one or two subject distinctions.

We congratulate Alodie Gould-Wagenaar, Kathryn Brown, Jodie Matter, Jemma Ronaldson and Mila Factor who achieved aggregates over 80%, with Kathryn achieving in the top 1% nationally for Mathematical Literacy. Alodie, Kathryn and Mila are also recognised with Academic Honours (over 80% maintained in Grades 10, 11 and 12).

Kathryn Brown and Jaden Wigg completed the Trinity Grade 6 Music Theory and Grade 7 Practical as an additional subject, both achieving over 70%.

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