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Matric Art Exhibition

Matric Art Exhibition

This weekend marked the official opening of our 2023 Matric Art exhibition at a specialised exhibition space at Woodmill Lane. The exhibition titled ‘Resonance’ is the 2023 national IEB exam theme for matric students. ‘Resonance’ is defined as ‘the quality of being loud and clear, but also as a feeling, thought or memory brought on by an experience’. The students exhibiting have skillfully worked across a range of artistic genres and media, with drawing being the one compulsory component. Visitors will experience the pleasure of the elegance of the unique solution seen in the finished product by each of the matric students.

The artists were praised by the examiner for their exceptional quality and standard of their visual journals and the visible line of development from inception to conclusion. Of particular remark by art lovers and professionals alike, is the prominence of ceramics and 3D artworks by each of the students. Each year following the marking, the examiner selects one work that is a favourite and it is a tradition at the opening of the exhibition to award the Pierre Dingley award to the creator of that work. Well done to Fenella Hill for her piece “The Ocean’s Poetry, in Whale Song Untold” and the elegance and visual beauty of this winning piece and especially of its connection to the theme.

Art teacher, Colette Rügheimer shares her appreciation for the passion, the struggles, the deep conceptualising that lie beneath each and every piece of work. These pieces are not merely art, they are the voices of our Grade 12 students. Congratulations to the Oakhill College Art Class of 2023 ~ Grace Ash, Jade Harvey, Fenella Hill, Cinzia Perosino, Chelsea Phillipson and Charial Reynders, who have rendered an excellent exhibition of art!

Oakhill invites our broader community to personally experience this impressive display of talent and skill. The exhibition is open for viewing at Woodmill Lane Shopping Centre Knysna daily until Saturday, 18 November.

See more photos on our Oakhill facebook page

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