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Matric Art Exhibition 2017

Matric Art Exhibition 2017

The Oakhill Matric Art Exhibition, an annual highlight for art enthusiasts, did not disappoint last week as many that viewed commented it was inspiring and of an excellent standard.

The exhibition is a collection of Oakhill 2017 Matric art students’ portfolios for their Independent Examination Board (IEB) practical exams.  The exhibition was open to the public and guests had the opportunity to interact with the students and Director of Art, Amy Nuttall at the cheese and wine event held on Friday, 27 October.

Personalised exhibition spaces were created by the thirteen students projecting their personal styles and interpretations with a wide range of mediums.  From the tranquillity of the ocean and intimate interpretation of nature, to a feast of the senses, to the love of a companion and the unique installation created from ashes from the Knysna Fires, there was a distinctive style and atmosphere in each space.

James Stead, local Sculptor and Painter, commented:  “Every year without fail the Director of Art, Amy Nuttall, manages to guide her students into unchartered realms of adventurous self-expression. What struck me year after year is the easy rapport Amy has with her students and how she gets them, in this age of infernal devices, not only to paint like maestros, but to draw with such intensity. In whatever media chosen, one is entranced by the lucid exploration of line which is in turn – sensuous, querulous, fluid or lyrical.”

The breadth of the talent on display amazed many and congratulations are extended to all thirteen students: Buddhas Braun, Michaela Cross, Cassidy Hartslief, Julia Lamprecht, Naquita Lloyd, Ella Nasser, Francine Olivier, Kayleigh Packwood, Emma Stam, Kiara Taylor, Rebekah Utian, Jia Watts and Courteney Wilkinson.

See the full gallery of photos on our Oakhill facebook page

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