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Mathematics Enrichment

Mathematics Enrichment

Oakhill places importance on the ongoing learning and development of teachers and well as our students. The focus at the start of this term in the Prep School was on a NumberSense – a mathematics enrichment programme. Our Foundation Phase (Grade 1-3) already uses the NumberSense programme and the workshop served to give insight into the programme for Grade 4 to 7 teachers as well. The teaching and implementation of the programme was demonstrated using ten of our Grade 2 pupils and ten of our Grade 6 pupils. Presented by Aarnout Brombacher, our teachers and guests were in awe of his passion for Mathematics, relaying that “he has a great sense of humour and the workshop was enjoyed by all” Oakhill was pleased to extend the opportunity to educators in the community by inviting teachers and facilitators from Knysna Initiative for Learning and Teaching (KILT), Knysna Education Trust (KET) and Riverwood to share in this wonderful experience collaborating around the teaching of Mathematics.

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