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Little Oaks Year End Concert 2015

Little Oaks Year End Concert 2015

As always, the Little Oaks Year End Concert proved to be a highlight for both children and family members alike. This year, the theme was Mrs Harper’s Toyshop …. The toys in Mrs. Harper’s toy shop each had a special dream, and when a new cuckoo clock arrives, magic happens, the toys come to life and their wishes come true! On the morning of 2nd December, the Oakhill stage certainly came to life with beautiful, colourful costumes and many excited, happy faces. The children delighted the audience as toys of all shapes and sizes! What a wonderful way to end off a wonderful year at Little Oaks …

The photos below show some of the highlights of the concert. The full gallery can be viewed on Oakhill’s facebook page.

Photos by Penny Foyn

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