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Little Oaks on a Furniture Adventure

Little Oaks on a Furniture Adventure

There was an exciting buzz as the Grade Rs boarded the school bus for an outing to learn how our furniture is made from wood. Kimberley Snook and Russel Burland from FB furniture met our enthusiastic Little Oaks at their factory in the Industrial area. On arrival, the children made their way onto a grassy area to explore the wonderful world of ‘Tree to Furniture’ as well as the importance of forests in the water cycle. After an amazing tour of the factory where the process was carefully explained and demonstrated, the most exciting part, according to the children, started. Russel and his team coached the children, step by step, into making an ‘Amanzi meter’. Fuelled with curiosity and eagerness, the children planned, hammered and twisted screwdrivers as they put their water gauges together. Each child proudly cradled their treasure on the trip back to school with a new awareness of the value of our beautiful forests and the conservation of water.

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