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Little Oaks Celebrate Father’s Day

Little Oaks Celebrate Father’s Day

Little Oaks celebrated Father’s Day by inviting their Dads to a special function in their wonderful environment at 5pm last Thursday with torch and hammer in tow!

The evening commenced with a joyful concert in the music room. There was much applause from the Dads and then there were smiles of delight as delicious boerewors rolls were enjoyed together. The highlights of the evening included hearing all the special things that the children had to say about their Dads, as well as building a special construction made in collaboration with one another. The noise of wooden blocks, corks, bottle tops, boxes and tiles being glued, hammered and nailed rang out from classroom to classroom with much discussion and laughter from the family groups. Creations ranged from rockets and cars to houses on stilts and jets and magical monsters.

What a special, happy evening and I have no doubt that those amazing mementos would have found a special place on the mantelpiece, treasured for years to come!

Report: Annette Nelson

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