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Literature Quiz

Literature Quiz

On 9 February 2013, Oakhill, Knysna Primary, Glenwood House, Holy Cross and Greenwood got together in Oakhill’s hall for the Kid’s Literature Quiz. A librarian from Johannesburg, Marge Brown, had especially travelled to Knysna for the occasion and organized the Quiz for us.

We sat in teams of four at school desks with our question and answer sheets. The fans were on, blowing cool air around the hot hall. Outside, the sun was shining, with not a breeze to be found anywhere.

We were given time to settle and then it was time to start. The first theme of the Quiz: Aliases. There were many different themes, such as Nursery Rhymes, Fathers, Bears, Love, Clothing, and for the team who won the round for a particular theme, they earned themselves R50 book vouchers.

While the judges scored the teams’ answers, Marge asked the audience questions, and again book vouchers were earned if the answers were correct.

At half-time we had a break, enjoying treats that we thought we deserved.

After our ten-minute break, we got down to business again. We completed the last five themes of the quiz and waited with baited breath for the announcement of the Grand Winner.

Glenwood House entered two teams and their Team 1 took the honours. They will be flying to Johannesburg this weekend to participate in the next round, a national round, where they will be competing against the rest of South Africa! Our congratulations to them all and we wish them all the very best of luck.

Report: Robin Pieterse

Here is the outcome of the Literature Quiz held at Oakhill School on Saturday:

First Place: Glenwood House, team 1, scored 89 out of 100 questions on children’s books. The contestants are Leah Sammon, Ruby McGowan, Derick Hill and Dane Botha. Their teacher is Philip Vercueil.

Second was Holy Cross, team 2, and third was Greenwood, team 1.

There were 5 schools and 8 teams in total and generally the level of book knowledge was high with children earning R10 spot prizes and book vouchers. The themes ranged from aliases in literature to bears, fathers, doctors, love and nursery rhymes.

Oakhill hosted the quiz and coordinator, Jane Horn, felt it was a worthwhile experience as the children and parents found out about current international trends in books. The children enjoyed themselves immensely.

Report: Jane Horn and Marge Brown

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