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Light Blue 2012

Light Blue 2012

Light Blue 2.0. Download. Install. Run.

Time to rock ‘n roll … indeed we did! On 14 and 15 September Oakhill Preparatory presented the annual glamorous music event, Light Blue.  An ever-growing buzz was created by the students’ creative videos made into trailers by Mr Potgieter and iMovie.  This in turn created a ground-swell to the biggest, funkiest and most spectacular Light Blue to date.

Soon a night of the stars unfurled as students performed.  There were solos, ensemble items, team marimbas, a rock band, a jazz band, the choirs sang and let the music fill every corner of the hall.  It was lights, cameras and lots of action and fun to be had by all. From the softest tremolo to the loudest fortissimo, our children entertained us with emotion and pizzazz.

We admire and salute our boys and girls for rising to the occasion and showing us what we are made of… true blue Oakhill blood!

I felt a slight gnawing in my inner being as the last notes echoed in our precious hall.  For after the hurly- burly was done and the battle was won, I realised that Light Blue 2012 was indeed over.

Report: Mr George Potgieter
Director of Music and HOD Arts

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