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Life Sciences’ Nature Challenge

Life Sciences’ Nature Challenge

The Grade 10 and 11 Life Sciences learners, along with all the Grade 8s, recently took part in the City Nature Challenge. The point of the challenge was to see which region in South Africa has the most biodiversity. Well done to all our students who explored their surroundings and loaded their photos!

Collectively the Garden Route made over 17 000 observations, and identified 2 700 species, which puts us 6th out of 244 regions. Our College Life Sciences teacher, Hanette Bouwer, shares a useful tip, “I think the iNaturalist App should be installed on everybody’s devices, permanently. It is a wonderful tool to use whenever one is out and about, to help you identify plants and animals.”

You can see the final results of the City Nature Challenge here: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/city-nature-challenge-2020

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Life Sciences’ Nature Challenge

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Life Sciences’ Nature Challenge