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Letter from the Head of School – December 2018

Letter from the Head of School – December 2018

Dear Oakhill Parents and Friends

A good university friend of mine, who often did not make it to the first lecture of the day and never to the first one of the week, used to say, “It’s not how you start that matters; it’s how you finish!”  On the other hand, my gran used to say, “Goed begin is half gewin!”

So, here we have reached the finish line of yet another school year.  I recall a flying start to the 2018 academic year and I am proud to report that we have also finished well.  We all know what a vibrant space our school has been in-between these two milestones. We are indeed able to look back, with pride and gratitude, on a very successful year at Oakhill.  None of us got it right all of the time and this is in order if we know that we have done our best. ‘Room for improvement’ is good, as long as we aspire to ‘improve the room’ the next time around.

Our Matrics have finished their IEB examinations and we share in their joy of having completed their school career.  Now we look forward, with them, to the results due early in the New Year. We are confident that these will once again do Oakhill proud.

The College Celebration of Excellence took place earlier in the term and this was a most uplifting event where we celebrated a year of outstanding achievements, progress and growth.  The Little Oaks Celebration (with the Mini Beast Ball) was a pure delight. I think we should rename it to the Beautiful Beasts Ball!  The FP and IP Celebrations were both exceptional events of affirmation which left no child unappreciated and inspired them to do even better next year.  

As we enter the final week of the year, we have a few final boxes to tick at school.  The programme for the week ahead was carefully planned and I want to urge parents and pupils to commit to 100% school attendance until the final assembly on the last day of term, Thursday 6th December.  We want to finish well and for this we need every hand on deck!

I would like to express gratitude to every single person – staff, pupils, parents, volunteers and friends of Oakhill – who pulled together this year in the interest of our school and its community.  Many did so in the line of duty but we could not have succeeded with such distinction this year without countless and generous people who served the school beyond the call of duty. We hope you enjoy those moments captured on both the Oakhill website and Facebook page. The 2018 yearbook released next year will document these memories and display the effort and care in all we do at Oakhill.  THANK YOU!

I hope that the festive season will afford families and friends the chance to slow down, get together and make special memories.  Here’s to a wonderful festive season and the very best New Year!

Kind regards
Head of School

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