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Letter from the Chairman of the Board

Letter from the Chairman of the Board

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21 October 2015

Dear Parents

A new chapter

I am pleased to announce that Richard Foyn has been elected as incoming chairman of the Oakhill School Board of Governors. Richard recently joined the board to head the finance portfolio and has made significant progress in developing and executing a strategy which will address the key objective of financial sustainability.

I am stepping down after 8 years as chair for a mixture of personal health reasons and because the time is right for a new, different energy to lead Oakhill in its next chapter.

During my time at the school, many of the objectives set in 2007 have been accomplished, most notably the significant improvements made to the teaching body and their terms of employment, the revamping of the academic campus and the acquisition and ongoing development of the sports campus.

The net effect of these achievements has been a happier, increasingly successful student body, the core purpose of the school.

However, Oakhill’s key challenge in the short term is to take advantage of the progress made in the classrooms and on the sports fields, and to become financially sustainable. Richard is ideally placed to lead the school in this next exciting phase of its development, and has already strengthened the Finance Committee with the appointment of Francois Hay to the board and to this committee. Please feel free to contact Richard on [email protected] for any further information.

We have also recently said farewell to Susan Kotze after more than four years’ service to the board, and we thank her for her valuable contribution.

May I take this opportunity to thank the school community for allowing me the privilege of serving this quite extraordinary and magical school. Of course, there have been difficult moments, but there is nothing more liberating nor rewarding than being part of an environment that truly lives the joy of learning and sets children up to succeed, for life.

I also thank my board colleagues for their support and endeavor over the years; my deep thanks to our headmaster, Shane Kidwell, for a joyous, learning adventure I’ll never forget; thanks to the teachers and administrators who shape children for success in later life (and thank you for doing so with my children); and finally, thanks to my wife Janine for her love and support over this time.
It only remains for me to wish Richard, the board and Shane and the teachers well for the future, and I am sure the school community will work with them on this next phase of the Oakhill journey.

With best regards

Peter Wallington
Obo Oakhill School Board of Governors

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