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Getting to know life and learning at Oakhill

Getting to know life and learning at Oakhill

During a normal school tour, you would have had an interview with the Head of Prep (Mr James Cross) or College (Mrs Sharon Brown), which would have been followed by a tour around our campus. During this time, you may also have had the opportunity to chat to any of our staff or pupils.

As we are currently in lockdown, unfortunately we will not be able to talk in person or show you around our beautiful campus. However, the three yearbooks below will give you a taste of life at Oakhill. They are rich in articles and photos from all the different phases of the school – Little Oaks, Foundation Phase, Intermediate Phase and College. Each section also contains an article by the Heads of Department, as well as the Head of Prep and the Head of College.

Browse through the magazines and have a read to get a little insight into our vibrant and happy school. Enjoy!

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Getting to know life and learning at Oakhill

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Congratulations Class of 2021!

Getting to know life and learning at Oakhill