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Learning about nutrition

Learning about nutrition

We believe one is never too young to learn good life skills, and eating healthy is one such skill. Our Grade 3s were recently treated to talks and demonstrations by nutritionists Lucy Harvey and Geraldine Robson-Parsons. Both shared their food philosophies and discussed the importance of healthy eating.

Lucy Harvey gave an interactive chat where the children watched a few demonstrations and got to guess the healthy ingredients in one of her Banana Bread bakes. With Dr Robson-Parsons, the Grade 3s enjoyed a fun, interactive and hands-on Nutrilicious Workshop. The class got to make nutrilicious and delicious treats that were not only tasty but also good for them. This included Superfood Chocolate and Coconut Bliss Date Balls, Yummy Gummy Berry Juice and Apple and Cinnamon Spaghetti.

To extend the lessons and bring them into the children’s daily lives, their class teacher then initiated a Healthy Lunchbox Challenge. The pupils were encouraged to pack a healthy lunchbox – they were responsible to plan, prepare and pack their own healthy, well-balanced lunchbox. They needed to pick and mix something from each of the five core food groups.  They learnt that when you eat well you are able to behave better, are able to listen well and can concentrate in class for longer. They learnt that packing a healthy school lunchbox helps them to be happy at school.


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