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Jubilee Red Love Project – Oil Spill

Jubilee Red Love Project – Oil Spill

Jubilee house is launching a massive support project to assist local authorities with handling the oil spill coming from the stranded ship on our coastline.

The ship stranded on our coastline has provided opportunity for some great pictures but unfortunately the impact this incident is having on our coastline is becoming bigger and bigger by the day.

6 birds and penguins have already been brought in, covered completely in oil and more are expected. The rehab facility is in need of assistance and support.

With the current situation and quick changes in weather and swells, there is a possibility that this situation might take longer than expected and support will be needed for a couple of weeks. With that in mind, we are kicking off with item collection

We are collecting items that they are in desperate need off. Marked boxes will be put out in the college quad tomorrow morning. The collected items will be dropped off on Friday, 16 August.  Could you please assist us with the following items:

  • Black bags (garbage bags)
  • Towels (as much as possible; Old towels is perfect – they are getting ruined by oil)
  • Deactivated charcoal (Available at most pharmacies – they give this to the birds to ingest, it helps to soak up most of the oil in the birds system)
  • Flight all-purpose cleaner (Available at Builders Warehouse, Agri and Pet and Pool warehouse – this is used when washing the oily towels. Towels are sprayed with the cleaner, it helps to break down the oil, towels are then hand washed in warm water)
  • Washing powder

The Jubilee college students are also having a towel wash this Friday, 16 August to assist the wildlife centre by ensuring there is a clean towel for every animal that comes in.

Please spread the news as far as you can and support the item collection. The picture is one of the unlucky birds that came in.

For any further details, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Let’s help save these animals!


Riaan van Straten

072 595 4113
044 382 6506

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Jubilee Red Love Project – Oil Spill

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Jubilee Red Love Project – Oil Spill