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Jubilee House Pancake Day

Jubilee House Pancake Day

“Ma’am I forgot to make the pancake batter!”
“No way, James, I cannot believe you. You’re teasing me.”
“How do you know, Ma’am,” a small smile.
“Because I know you would never let me down. I trust you completely!”
Isn’t it wonderful when you just know that something will come together at Oakhill? No sooner had the first bell rung than the quad was a buzz of making and selling pancakes. The aroma of hot batter and cinnamon filled the air and Jubilee students learned to make their first pancakes. Mr Botha, Mrs Lifson and Mr Langman were in the thick of it, encouraging their Mentor Groups to action. This small challenge turned into a wonderfully successful endeavor. We ended the day entirely satisfied that we could send off R900 – an amount that will feed 90 children in Somalia!

Reporter: Sheila Pasio

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