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JSE/Liberty Investment Challenge

JSE/Liberty Investment Challenge

The Business Studies students were given the opportunity to compete in the JSE/Liberty Investment challenge, where they would buy stocks on the JSE. This opportunity was opened up to any other students who were interested, but did not necessarily do Business Studies.

In this challenge, groups of were given R1000 000 to invest in equities, and they had to follow certain rules throughout the challenge i.e. Not more than 10% may be invested into one share, as well as many others.

The learners were excited about this challenge, as they had the opportunity to invest “fake” money into real stocks, in order to grow the value of their portfolio, and win monthly prize money.

This was a great experience for the learners, as they got to know the “ins and outs” of investing on the stock market (share codes, prices, company history, movements, etc.)

Oakhill entered 8 teams of 4 learners per team, who competed against 360 schools, 1672 teams and 6688 learners nationwide.

Out of the 8 teams who participated, 3 of our teams placed in the top 100 of 1672 teams. Their names were:

  • 53rd place: Team “Happiness” with a total growth of 5.99 %
  • 73rd place: Team “HollaKny” with a total growth of 5.54%
  • 93rd place: Team “Oakhill 12’s” with a total growth of 4.98%

Thank you to Mr Boomer for his presentation to the groups about investing in shares, and for deepening their understanding of the markets within which they will invest.

I look forward to next year’s challenge, and I hope that more teams from Oakhill will enter and hopefully we can win it.

Kyle Langman

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