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A Dream Comes True…

The search for land started three years ago and was precipitated by the fact that Oakhill does not have its own sport facilities.

Oakhill turns 21 in 2013 and has now established itself as the independent school of choice in the area. The search for land has been a strategic imperative to ensure sustainability and a quality offering in all areas of school life.

The Board considered over ten tracts of land but finally settled on 17 hectares up the Welbedacht Road on the Western side of Knysna. This piece of land is ideal for a school. It is flat enough not to have to spend millions on engineering sport facilities but it is also picturesque and situated next to the Knysna River. It is easily accessible and only a 6-minute drive from the current academic campus.

Oakhill is desperate for sporting facilities in the Preparatory school and the College and this tract of land will provide, over time, all that is needed for a school of our stature to compete nationally and globally. When the project is completed there will be cricket pitches, hockey, rugby and soccer fields as well as tennis courts, netball courts, swimming pools and a state of the art astro-turf for hockey.

The immediate needs are sport facilities but this facility will also provide for staff accommodation, and Boarding Houses in the future. The current Board, led by Peter Wallington, has certainly allowed for future growth and I have no doubt that future generations at Oakhill will benefit from the foresight of these governors. Paul Kotze who heads up the Planning Committee has worked tirelessly in order to ensure success in the purchase and development of this land. As a result 2012 will truly be remembered as a watershed year in the short history of this unique school.

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