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Interact Activity in Knysna

Interact Activity in Knysna

On 6 February 2012, a group of Interacters from Bath, England, came on a tour to South Africa to do some community outreach.  As part of their tour they made a stop in Knysna for a week to do some upliftment at a crèche in the township.  This was done in partnership with Oakhill’s Interact Club, as well as all the other Interact groups in Knysna.

On the 6th, an introductory braai was held and from each Interact Club 2 members or more of the committee with a member of staff attended, as well as all the Rotary leaders, and of course the students from Bath.  This evening was a wonderful opportunity to get to know a bit more about all the Interacters and spend some time with them.

For the rest of the week, every afternoon a group of Interacters from Oakhill School went out and joined people from the other clubs in Knysna and the Bath team to help paint murals on the walls of the crèche and touch it up, adding a bit of colour and cheer to this important place run by the most phenomenal staff that do a lot off good in the lives of the children who attend the crèche.

The afternoons were always a lot of fun for those who went, and we always left feeling good, knowing that we were making a difference in the lives of these children.  Time was spent with the kids too.  It was a wonderful experience for all involved, and it is an opportunity we look forward to again next year.

Reporter: Rebecca Lamb
Photographer: Nadya Greeff

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Interact Activity in Knysna

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Interact Activity in Knysna