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Independent Schools Co-Ed Hockey Festival

Independent Schools Co-Ed Hockey Festival

Congratulations to all involved on another superb Independent Schools Co-Ed Hockey Festival which took place from Thursday 30 April to Sunday 3 May this year. It was a wonderful festive weekend with 16 high school hockey teams from around the country coming together. Thank you to  Bridge House, Chesterhouse, Collegiate, Dale College, Elkanah House, Glenwood House, Heron Bridge, Somerset College, St Peter’s College and Woodridge for joining us!

Both Oakhill’s 1st Boys and 1st Girls teams had some great games:

Results and Players of the Match

1st Girls

1st Boys

vs Elkanah House

Won 2 – 0
Jessica Gebhard
Won convincingly
Nic Thomson

vs Heron Bridge

Won 3 – 0
Bianca Mincione

vs Collegiate

Lost 0 – 1
Jamie Hattingh

vs Bridge House

Drew 0 – 0
Anna Reid
Won 4 – 0
Todd Walker

vs Chester House

Won 2 – 0
Kelly Dawkins
Drew 1 all
Leon Martin

vs St Peter’s College

Won 1 – 0
Morgan Watson
Won 3 – 0
Ben Pama

vs Somerset College

Lost 0 – 1
Scott Armstrong

vs Dale College

Drew 1 all
Ben Giliomee


Photos by Michaela Vogt and Oakhill School

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