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Excellent IBT Results

Excellent IBT Results

IBT Grade 3 and 6, 2016 certificate winners (Copy)
Congratulations to our certificate winners in the International Benchmarking Tests (IBT). These tests are taken annually in Grades 3, 6 and 9, and are set by ACER in Australia and managed by the IEB for independent schools in South Africa. The most recent results have just been released and indicate that we are continuing to improve in both English and Mathematics, with above national and international averages for both subjects. This is not only testament to making the correct choice with our English and Singapore Maths programmes but also in no small way to the dedicated teachers who prepare your children throughout the school.

The 2016 winners all achieved over 90% and those that achieved a High Distinction or Honour (Full marks) are in the Top 5% Internationally. Oakhill is especially proud that the school is above average, in Grade 3 and 6 internationally, in all three subjects tested – English, Maths and Science.

In Grade Six last year, four Oakhill students achieved a high distinction (top 5% internationally) for English and three students achieved a high distinction for Mathematics. Congratulations to these top achievers listed below:




Holly Battell High Distinction
Ashley Cairncross High Distinction
Aimee Canny Distinction
Dina du Plessis Distinction Distinction
Francois Hay Distinction High Distinction
Caitlin McCall High Distinction
Jaco Olivier High Distinction
Tom Seddon High Distinction
Simon Shearer High Distinction

Oakhill Grade 3s also completed the IBTs in English, Mathematics and Science, towards the end of last year and our student’s results continue to compare favourably to the national and international averages, with overall scores above the norms in all three of these subject areas. We had seven children in the highest percentile (High Distinction) across the three subject areas and one achieved Honours (100%) in Maths. These are wonderful achievements for our young group.





Ella Barker High Distinction
Nadav Buchalter Distinction High Distinction
Coel Trollip Honour
Alexa Fioravanti High Distinction High Distinction High Distinction
Nicholas Kursten High Distinction
Tatum Logan High Distinction Distinction High Distinction
Rachel Matejek High Distinction
Rebecca Pitout Distinction High Distinction
Luc Starkey Distinction High Distinction
Ryan Steenkamp High Distinction
Victoria Still High Distinction High Distinction High Distinction

Our Grade 9 students also performed exceptionally well, with six students in the highest percentile (High Distinction) for English, and five for Maths.




Famke Beukes Distinction
Morgan Brymer High Distinction
Gareth Cairncross High Distinction High Distinction
Neve Canny Distinction
Hanro Hay High Distinction High Distinction
Lourens Kok Distinction
Connor Labuschagne Distinction
Bianca Mairs High Distinction
Kuhle Mbomvana Distinction
Owen Poluta High Distinction
Daniel van Zyl High Distinction High Distinction
Mathew Zwarts High Distinction High Distinction



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