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Hockey Report

Hockey Report

Friday’s 1st team match against York was a game that is not likely to be easily forgotten by both players and spectators. With York being one of our main competitors and probably one of the most important matches of the season, the players sure felt the tension building up before the game; at school, on the bus and right up until the whistle blew for the start of the match.

As we were expecting, York were tough opponents and Mr Raynor had said to us before the match that our aim was to come away with a score better than 4-0 against us – as had been our consistent score for the last four years.

Half time saw us leading 1-0 – already having made history – which then leveled out to 1-1 in the second half. One has to give credit to the York player who shot one of the most amazing girls’ goals I have ever seen – a shot from the left at a very tricky angle, back stick, into the right hand corner of the goal, in the last four seconds of the match.

To have lost 2-1 the way we did, was definitely a cause for mixed emotion, major emotion at that. As Kirsten Duthie said, “It was the most memorable and emotional game of hockey of my life.” The girls put their all into the game and really have a lot to be proud of.

Having used up so much energy on our York match the day before, the thought of another match on the Saturday in the icy wind was rather daunting. The competition of NMMU’s women’s league team did not match up to York, but we stuck out the 70 minutes and we were happy to walk away with two goals to home.

Certainly a weekend of wonderful hockey!

Reporter: Kate Gardy

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