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Grade 6 Forest Adventure

Grade 6 Forest Adventure

Our 39 Grade 6 pupils, accompanied by three teachers, recently set out to do the Harkerville Green Route – a 15 km cycle route in the beautiful forests by Garden of Eden.

This outing serves not only as an educational experience and team building exercise, but also as an adventure outing where a little resilience and perseverance are developed. Along the route, the group stopped at pioneering Keurbooms and looked at several other examples of vegetation re-establishing itself after the 2017 fires. All were amazed at how quickly nature overcomes and adapts after complete devastation.

The pupils stopped at a stream where it was explained where to fill up water bottles, how the water colour is affected by the tannins in the ground and that it is still perfectly safe to drink. Top of mind was always to  keep the forest clean and to pick up any litter along the way. Everyone enjoyed the outing thoroughly and despite some broken pedals and a flat tyre, everyone managed to finish the route in one piece – a great achievement.

Thanks must go to Sanparks who made this outing possible.

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