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Grade 5 Outing to Robberg

Grade 5 Outing to Robberg

 On a sunny morning, the Grade Fives went on an outing yo Robberg. They travelled down a steep path to get to a cave. In this cave were millions of shells. It was beautiful. They spent about half an hour touching the walls and looking. After trudging up the steep path, children were left panting.

They walked to Gap Beach and saw a beautiful whale, children gazed upon it, amazed at its beauty. But then it dived under the water. Mr Bridge saw a shark and shouted excitedly.

Walking onto Gap Beach, they came across a sad sight: a seal lay there, dead on the sand. “It’s pregnant!’ Loyolo shouted. (It was swollen and smelly.)

After a nice lunch on the beach, they walked to another beach. Everyone gasped. There, was a penguin with oil on it. Booooo!

Help the Penguins!!

By Emma Gibson

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