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Grade 3 & Grade 8 Storybook Project

Grade 3 & Grade 8 Storybook Project

Yesterday morning the Grade 3 boys and girls were waiting in great anticipation for the arrival of their story books – books that had been especially written for them, and about them, by the Oakhill College Grade 8s. This is an annual shared storybook project that is not only used as an English literacy exercise, but also as an important tool to get College students to get to know and nurture their younger fellow Prep students. The ‘senior’ asks questions and finds out the interesting details of the little person’s life. This information becomes the life-blood of a story, and the child, the heart of it.

After a term of collaboration, interviewing their Grade 3 subjects, lots of planning and preparation, the Oakhill Grade 8 class delivered completed and wonderfully written books! Through this valuable interaction the Grade 3s have realised that books and their stories can be taken from real life experiences and events. They  received creative, beautifully illustrated and personal books which they will treasure always. An enormous thank you to all the Grade 8 authors from a very appreciative Grade 3 class !

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