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Grade 3 and 6 pupils excel in benchmarking tests

Grade 3 and 6 pupils excel in benchmarking tests

Oakhill Prep Grade 3 and 6 pupils completed the International Benchmark Tests in English, Mathematics and Science towards the end of last year, and the results have recently been released showing that these learners have performed well above both the national and the international averages. The analysis shows that the overall scores are between 20 to 30-plus points above the norms in all three of these subject areas.

All of the 25 Grade 3s participated in the benchmarking process and Oakhill is very proud to have had eight children receive certificates of high distinction and six children with certificates of distinction. These certificates are awarded to those who have achieved at the highest percentile in the test they have written. The certificate distribution is as follows: certificates of high distinction – 1 for English, 3 for maths and 4 for science; and certificates of distinction – 1 for English, 4 for Maths and 1 for Science. Congratulations to Duncan Merryweather, Owen Anderson, Jack Thomopoulos, Rio Bruwer, Ben Lemke, Arthur Seddon, Mae Buhr, Michael Williams, Gregory Rodwell and Abigail du Plessis.

Grade 3 (2017) IBT results (Copy)

The Grade 7 results indicate that the children are also continuing to perform at a superior standard in English and Mathematics, with above national and international averages. This is a wonderful testament to the dedicated teachers who prepare our children throughout their schooling career!

Congratulations to the following Grade 7 pupils for their certificates of Distinction and High Distinction: Max Penrith, Tristan Torrance, Tristan Vogt, Jared Shutte, Noah Platt, Alide de Villiers, Ben Tyrrell and Max Hayward. Connie Chorley (absent on the day of the photo) received a High Distinction in Mathematics and a Certificate of Honour in English, which places her in the 100th percentile.


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