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Going Solar

Going Solar

Oakhill has gone solar! After a focus around Green Day and our environment last month, it is fitting to share that we have installed a solar energy system.

Last year, we installed a grid tiered solar system and panels supported by a generator gifted by a parent to assist during power outages. Fortunately this has allowed us to support the school during loadshedding. This power however didn’t reach all areas of the school.

Our goal of acquiring and installing a 200 kWh battery linked to our main board has been realised this month. We would like to thank all the parents who supported the solar drive for the acquisition and installation of our solar and battery backup. The hybrid inverter is housed in the container situated near Hungry Oaks tuckshop. We look forward to beautifying this area further as we integrate it into our garden space. The solar and battery backup will provide the entire school with our power needs throughout the various load shedding stages!

Thank you once again to those that supported this initiative and Oakhill to utilise our natural environment by going solar!

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