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Food Garden Fresh Produce Market

Food Garden Fresh Produce Market

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Oakhill Food Garden Fresh Produce Market tomorrow.

As part of our 30th anniversary celebrations last year, Oakhill established a food garden within our Citizenship program, with an emphasis on community involvement and giving back. The construction of the food garden took place during the April holidays and all students were involved in planting and germinating seeds. The food garden has grown and become a well established source of nourishment with all the fresh produce being donated to Little Angels soup kitchen in Hornlee to assist them with their feeding scheme.

A year later, the food garden has produced such an abundance of vegetables and herbs, that we now have a surplus! Mr Johny Pietersen has been tending the garden and ensuring that the soup kitchen receives plenty of fresh vegetables each week. To ensure its ongoing viability and to generate a small income for Mr Pietersen’s involvement, Oakhill will be hosting a weekly Fresh Produce Market each Friday. On offer will be some of our delicious, freshly-picked vegetables, herbs, and garden plants to our Oakhill family.

This Friday 2 June will be the first of our Oakhill Food Garden Fresh Produce Markets! There will be delicious Spinach, Lettuce, Green Pepper, Turnips, Leeks, Carrots for sale this week as well as various herbs and garden plants that Mr Pietersen has been propagating. The market will be open from 13h00-15h00, tomorrow and each Friday during the term at the entrance of the school near the tuckshop. Please bring cash and your own bag for your purchases.

Please come support our community so that we can also continue to provide tasty, healthy and fresh vegetables each week to a soup kitchen in Hornlee, Little Angels which feeds 50 children and the elderly. Oakhill is proud to play a significant role in helping our communities with dignity and respect through our food garden, while providing a holistic education including social responsibility as a goal for all students.

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