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Parent Forum: Dealing with Mean Kids

Parent Forum: Dealing with Mean Kids

Oakhill School
Parent Forum
Start: June 13, 2023 @ 8:15 am
End: June 13, 2023 @ 9:30 am

We all want our children to have friends and be happy. One of the biggest challenges we face as parents is knowing how best to support our children when they are having a tough time dealing with difficult social behaviour from other peers or they themselves are having challenges with regulating their own social behaviour. Challenging social behaviour happens online and in real life making it a minefield to navigate as parents.

You are invited to attend a free Parent Forum talk “Dealing with Mean Kids (even if they are yours!)” on Tuesday, 13 June from 08h15-09h30 in the school hall. Pam Tudin-Buchalter, Clinical Psychologist, will be talking to us about bullying, rudeness and meanness.

Whether your child has been excluded from a WhatsApp group, not invited to a social, called names for not scoring a goal or fat-shamed on Insta – rude, downright mean and ultimately bully behaviour is the sword that hangs over all of our children’s heads at some stage of their development.

In this talk, Pam will unpack what drives these dynamics, how girls and boys show up differently on the bully stage and most importantly what we can do about it! As always, Pam attempts to provide more than just insight. Her focus is on the practical, hands-on skills we and our t(w)eens need to navigate these 21st Century challenges.

If you want your child to show up as their best self, if you want them to move from vulnerable to solid and from bystander to up-stander, this talk is for you!

There is no cost involved. Please assist us to get an indication of how many parents will be attending to ensure that we have sufficient seating.

Please use this link to book a placeParent Forum Reply Form

This talk is in-person and will not be recorded. 

We look forward to engaging with you as parents during this time.


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