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Matric Drama PoMo

Matric Drama PoMo

Oakhill School
Reeling, wheeling, dealing…  Inquiries, a wall, Bosasa, Prasa, Eskom… Bohemian Rhapsody and Disney… Dante’s Inferno and Goya’s Demons…
What is the connecting factor? Justice (or the lack thereof). You are invited to book your ticket on our flight of fantasy as we tour the (in)just world we inhabit.
  • Economy Class Flight: Wednesday, 27 February (flight departs at 18h00) – R20 per ticket (Tea, coffee, juice upon arrival at final destination)
  • First Class Flight: Thursday, 28 February (boarding at 18h00; departure at 18h30) – R50 per ticket  (Wine and snacks upon arrival at final destination)

Seats available by booking with Oakhill Reception 044 3826506 or [email protected] Seats are limited and turbulence may be upsetting to passengers under the age of 13.

.College Drama - PoMo 2019 



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