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Emma Horn – 2012

Emma Horn – 2012

It is with great pleasure that we celebrate in the success of Emma Horn (Matric 2012) who has done amazingly well by being selected and placed on the Dean’s Merit List at UCT, Cape Town. Well done Jane – a very proud parent and Oakhill staff member.

Emma is currently studying for a BScEng in Chemical Engineering.

What is the Dean’s Merit List?

The Dean’s Merit List gives recognition to students who perform consistently well during the year in the pursuit of their academic goals. The criteria inclusion is demanding and only a limited number of very good students are recognised in this way. The achievement will reflect on the individuals University transcript.

To be eligable for the Dean’s Merit List a student must pass the perscribed courses for which he or she is registered for the year in question; a student registered for a four year degree must be in the first, second or third year of study; and a student registered for a three year degree must be in the first or second year of study. The Dean’s List carries no financial award.

The criteria for inclusion in a particular year are as follows:

an ASPECT sudent must have earned 96 or more credits of approved coursework and obtain an average of not less than 75%;

a student in any other undergraduate programme must have earned 132 or more credits of approved course work for the year, and obtain an average of no less than 70%.

Well done Emma!

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