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Diver’s Night

Diver’s Night

My Dad and I participated in the 7th annual Diver’s Night on Thursday, 3rd November 2011. We entered the water at 20h11 from the Beacon Island Hotel and did our dive over “Red Bait Reef”.
It is a shallow dive, but very interesting. We were underwater for almost 40 minutes. Most juvenile creatures awaken at night and we saw young octopi and a variety of fish. The bioluminescence is incredible at the moment and by just slightly moving our fins the water sparkled with blue light!

The purpose of Diver’s Night is to promote the sport of scuba diving and to have the opportunity to show the world what a great hobby/sport it is to discover the underwater world.
The idea originated in Norway in 2005 and has been held annually since then. This year they were hoping to set a world record and to get 3000 divers in the water simultaneously.

Reporter: Andrew Vedder
Grade 8 – Oakhill

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