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Delivering Easter Eggs

Delivering Easter Eggs

On Wednesday, 20th April, Millwood students, Kathleen Stein, Carly Seager, Maricia Schempers, Nicole Bayes and Fern Wolf, along with Barbie and Ms le Fleur, went to deliver the ribbon tied Easter Egg packages, donated by Millwood students, to children of the Knysna Township.

We stepped out of the bus in freezing cold, windy conditions at the Dorothy Broster Home and were embraced by laughing children with smiles warming our hearts – despite the weather. We spoke to
the children and then received a tour of the immaculately clean and neat facility; the children, aged 3 – 17, are looked after and cared for so well. Millwood House has initiated an outreach project where we are collecting items such as ornaments, books, stationary, clothes and blankets to brighten up the children’s rooms even more.

Our second stop was Chris Nissen Primary School. We were greeted by very friendly teachers and led into a school which has a dynamic very different to anything we are used to. We watched the vast amount of children playing during break. The noise levels and constant rushing around movement was fairly overwhelming, but naturally, with school breaking up that day for the Easter break, the excitement levels were unusually high. We were then taken into a classroom, to meet the little Grade Ones.

Before presenting them each with an Easter Egg pack, we were treated to several happy songs. Unsurprisingly we were drawn to the children and helped them open their packages and looked at the shapes they were drawing in their workbooks. We gave the children hugs and high fives and departed Chris Nissen with lifted spirits.

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Delivering Easter Eggs

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Delivering Easter Eggs