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Dear Edwina Outreach Concert

Dear Edwina Outreach Concert

The cast of “Dear Edwina”, comprising grades 4 to 7 pupils at Oakhill, sang their way into the hearts of the audience this morning; there were those who had joined us from Garden Gates, Leisure Gardens, Sanel and Vermont Service Centre,  to enjoy the dress rehearsal of Oakhill’s first musical production.  What a special show!  The guests were served and treated to tea and cookies after the performance, sitting on the benches outside the hall, enjoying their treats, sharing the joys of the show and soaking up the warmth of another beautiful day in Knysna.

Some of their thoughts – Margaret Owen from Garden Gates shared : “I thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciate the work behind the scenes. The children had such wonderful expressions.”

Brenda du Plessis, also from Garden Gates, had the following to say: “I loved it. I loved listening to Luyolo sing. What a talent.”

Rosemary McKenzie, also a resident at Garden Gates, and who has attended such community outreach shows at Oakhill for many years, said simply: “What great fun.”

Beryl Forster, who resides at Leisure Gardens, thought it was a marvellous performance and Daphne Solomon from the Vermont Service Centre thought it was very beautiful.

Perhaps the best of all, was the opportunity to share our joys and talents with the community, sparking smiles and making a difference in the lives of others.

Report : Barbie Leibbrandt

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