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Conservation lessons for Life Sciences pupils

Conservation lessons for Life Sciences pupils

Our Grade 12 Life Sciences pupils recently enjoyed a very interesting outing to Pinnacle Point in Mossel Bay. Dr Peter Nilssen first gave a lecture on modern human behavior and how this has changed over time, explaining the behaviors of archaic Homo species and showing evidence that has been found in the Pinnacle Caves. The lecture concluded by highlighting the impact that modern Homo sapien behavior is having on our planet. The group then went to the Pinnacle Caves to see examples of the tools found.¬†While in Mossel Bay, the Grade 12 Life Sciences pupils then went to ‘Keep Fin Alive’ – a shark conservation organisation. The session started off with a detailed dissection and explanation of the features of a Soupfin Shark. The shark was caught as bycatch and donated for educational purposes. The discussion that followed highlighted the significance of shark conservation and the impact that plastic pollution is having on ocean life. Career opportunities in marine biology were also briefly discussed. One of the marine biologists, Adam, concluded the visit by taking us to see his current research on Pyjama Cat Sharks.

Both interesting and enriching outing for our pupils!

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