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Congratulations Matric Class of 2018!

Congratulations Matric Class of 2018!

Congratulations to our Matrics! The Class of 2018 has achieved some wonderful results, both individually and collectively. We are delighted to announce that this year every matric candidate achieved a Bachelors Degree pass.  The 2018 group have produced their best set of results in the FET phase of school and the highest distinctions per candidate on release, as well as the highest composite subject average at Oakhill over the last four years.

Special mention must be made of Veda Vosloo, Luc van den Handel, Leila Turner and Zoë Venter. In the final examinations Veda achieved seven distinctions, while Luc, Leila and Zoë each achieved six distinctions.  These students, as well as Jason Matter, Mia Venter, Liam Watson, Neena de Klerk, Jamie Hattingh and Sven Botha, all achieved overall aggregates above 80%.

Top Achievers

Seven Distinctions
  • Veda Vosloo (English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Accounting, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Life Orientation)
Six Distinctions
  • Luc van den Handel (English, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Information Technology,  Visual Arts, Life Orientation) Oakhill top achiever for Advanced Programme Mathematics
  • Leila Turner (English, Mathematics, Dramatic Arts, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Life Orientation)
  • Zoë Venter (English, Afrikaans, Mathematical Literacy, Business Studies, Visual Arts, Life Orientation)
Five Distinctions
  • Neena de Klerk (English, Afrikaans, Business Studies, Visual Arts, Life Orientation)
  • Jason Matter (Mathematics, Accounting, History, Physical Sciences, Life Orientation)
  • Liam Watson (Mathematics, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Life Orientation)
Four Distinctions
  • Jamie Hattingh (Afrikaans, Life Sciences, Visual Arts, Life Orientation)
  • Shaun Riley (Mathematics, Geography, Life Sciences, Life Orientation)
  • Mia Venter (Afrikaans, Mathematical Literacy, Visual Arts, Life Orientation)
  • Michaela Vogt (English, History, Visual Arts, Life Orientation)
  • Sven Botha (Physical Science, Geography, Information Technology, Life Orientation)
Three Distinctions
  • Jordan Shrosbree (Accounting, Computer Applications Technology, Life Orientation)
  • Annie-Rose Thomson (English, Mathematics, Life Sciences)

Top 1% of candidates per subject

Oakhill has three students in the top 1% of candidates nationally this year and we congratulate them wholeheartedly.  Jordan Shrosbree and Danté Signorelli achieved this accolade in Computer Applications Technology and Kiara Smith in Mathematical Literacy.

A number of other members of the grade achieved either one or two distinctions.

Alec Yardley improved his overall aggregate from the Preliminary Examinations to the final results by a full 12%.

The pupils who were recognised for their arts practical work were Leila Turner who earned the top mark for her Dramatic Arts Practical Exam and Zoë Venter who earned top honours for her Visual Arts Practical.

Read more the full 2018 analysis of results HERE
Read the letter of congratulations from the IEB HERE
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