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College Inter-House Swimming and Athletics

College Inter-House Swimming and Athletics

On Thursday, 24 January and Friday, 25 January, Oakhill College pupils enjoyed their annual Inter-House Gala and Athletics Day. The three houses arrived in full force, cheering and displaying fabulous spirit. The athletes gave their all in both the pool and on the field, with a number of records broken and some tightly contested races. The fun relay events were a great spectacle for all the spectators and competitors. Thank you to all the staff for running the event and for the support of our parents. Most importantly thank you to those pupils that participated in the events and had fun doing so.


Inter-House Gala

Overall Standings:

1st – Jubilee
2nd – Bendigo
3rd – Millwood

The victor and victrix ludorums go to the following sportsmen and woman:

Junior Victrix Ludorum: Taryn Dawkins
Junior Victor Ludorum: Connor Strybis
Senior Victrix Ludorum: Aimee Canny
Senior Victor Ludorum: Joshua Smith

See the full gallery of photos on our Oakhill facebook page

Inter-House Athletics

Overall Standings:

1st – Bendigo
2nd – Jubilee
3rd – Millwood
Spirit Trophy – Bendigo

Individual Awards:

Junior Victrix Ludorum: Kate Tanner
Junior Victor Ludorum: Francois Hay
Senior Victrix Ludorum: Jessica Devine
Senior Victor Ludorum: Hanro Hay

See the full gallery of photos on our Oakhill facebook page


Photos courtesy Oakhill student photographers – Cole Battell, Gareth Cairncross, Nicholas Hill, Fenella Hill, Alida de Villiers and Lauren Fenner-Solomon.

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