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College Inter-house Athletics 2013

College Inter-house Athletics 2013

Sweat and Camaraderie

Dozens of tri-coloured students marched down Hospital Hill, clutching their yellow balloons and hand-painted boards sporting their house colours, either red for Jubilee, yellow for Millwood or blue for Bendigo. Imagine this swirl of primary colour mingled with Friday excitement. Add to the eclectic mix some curious war cries and still more curious bystanders. Add to this a heap of Oakhill Spirit and you have the basic recipe for the beginning of Oakhill’s inter-house Athletics.

 When we arrived at the field, the palette parted to reveal separate colours. After a few announcements which no-one listened to, the “games” began. Off shot the very athletic, while the less athletic supported their houses by walking the 1500m. Sand flew with a speed matched only by the athletes as long jump and javelin was completed. Towards the end of the day, parents joined the yells, powered by sugary cakes and free coffee.

Noteworthy happenings included a cute blue and smurf-like grade 8 boy on a unicycle, Bram running for all he was worth to win his race and deafening vuvuzelas throughout the event.

The winner of the inter-house athletics this year was red-hot Jubilee, while Bendigo, who won the Spirit trophy, proved that being blue is the opposite of misery. Sweat saturated, we watched the helium balloons drift upwards as we gloried in the collective spirit and camaraderie that is Oakhill.

Report: Iqraa Daniels

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