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College Beach Walk: 11.11.11

College Beach Walk: 11.11.11

The SRC beach day was initiated as a tradition in the College many years ago.  It is a tradition that has skipped a couple of years and it was felt that it should definitely be reinstated and so it was imperative that it was a success and to everybody’s delight, it was just that.

College students were asked to arrange their own transport to Brenton, where we waited a while for everyone to arrive.  Luke and I distributed plastic bags for a litter clean up as we proceeded to walk to Buffalo Bay.  It was good to see such happy activity along the way, Oakhill kids running up sand dunes and tumbling down them, passing balls, walking while playing guitar and just having a good time along the way.

A group of SRC members had been stationed at Buffalo Bay, to set up activities and when the beach walkers arrived, there was a volley ball net, cricket pitch and a bunch of balls all ready and waiting for us.  It was fairly impromptu and relaxed, students and teachers were free to swim, play games, talk or just tan, that is the nature of the beach day and it was really great knowing that it was only Oakhill folk that were filling up the beach; the Oakhill attendance only added to the “together” and fun vibe that existed.  Everyone had a great time.

At 11h11 we all gathered to the sound of Sean Brodie and Ciara Mayne on the bagpipes, calling us to attention to give thanks and remember those who have died for the cause of freedom.

The only planned activity was an egg-passing competition, narrowly lost by myself and James Wallington to experts, Mr Kidwell and Mr Raynor!
The Plett bus arrived on schedule and marked the end of a successful beach day.  It will be back by popular demand; the SRC beach day is here to stay and rest assured, we have already started planning the next one.

Reporter:  Adam Oosthuizen

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