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Coach Shakes voted Keeper of the Tournament

Coach Shakes voted Keeper of the Tournament

Congratulations to our sports coach and intern Mechake Fanelo (fondly known as Shakes) on being awarded Keeper of the Tournament in the Men’s Hockey IPT that took place in Pietermartizburg from 29 July to 5 August. Shakes plays for the South African Country Districts (SACD) Men’s Hockey team, which made it through to the finals to face Nothern Cape. The SACD team finished second and in addition to recognition as Keeper of the Tournament, Shakes is grateful for the opportunity to experience the game at that level and for the lifetime friends made on and off the field. George Herald recently interviewed Shakes and his mother, Sophia, as Shakes grew up in George and attended York High. What shines through the article is Shake’s clear love of all sports, and his passion and commitment to excell despite setbacks. A true inspiration to our young sportsmen and -women at Oakhill!

Read more in the GEORGE HERALD

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