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Circus of Dreams

Circus of Dreams

Oakhill Dance Department’s first official production – Circus of Dreams – had both young and old captivated throughout the entire show. Many months of hard work and collaboration between Oakhill Prep and College culminated in the most beautiful interaction between young and older ballerinas and a resoundingly successful performance. Congratulations to choreographers Robyn Humphreys and Cheryl Wolf, as well as the production team and all the amazing dancers!

The Show

Dance-Department_Circus-of-Dreams_LRThe year is 1931 and times are tough in a land riddled by the Great Depression. Yet on the streets and through the town a whisper grows to a shout… THE CIRCUS! THE CIRCUS IS COMING TO TOWN!

Those townsfolk will have to wait a few more days with their eager anticipation … The company has one week of rehearsal to get through yet.

But you, dear guest, you are one of the privileged few! You get a sneak peak at what’s to come. Join our circus dance-troupe as they stage their final dress rehearsal before the big first night of the Circus of Dreams.

Act One

Rehearsal begins and Jade is working her dancers hard, show time is days away! However, they’re soon interrupted by a new arrival. Kayleigh, a trapeze artist has come at short notice to fill in for an injured troupe member. Her introduction to the troupe is complicated by a secret and some nasty gossip. Soon the whole troupe is whispering and wondering about the new girl. Danny decides to take matters into his own hands and befriends Kayleigh despite the whispers, convincing the others to accept her as one of themselves.

Rehearsal continues with some Ballroom and Irish dances followed by a game of Contemporary cat and mouse. Raph has some new friends to rehearse with while the ballerinas put themselves and some small trainees through their paces. The day’s rehearsal is ruined, however, by a fight between four of the troupe’s closest friends. Jedric and Jade go their separate ways while Erin tries to patch things up with Scott. She’s left questioning her place in the troupe though, feeling insecure and left out, and leaves rehearsal unsure of her future. Jade tries to sleep but wakes up heart-sore and worried about Erin and the troupe.

Act Two

The last day of rehearsal starts with a snap as tempers still run high and tension engulfs the company. Tango practice leaves Jess and Jedric enjoying their new partnership but Matt is worried about Erin who is sick of the fighting and can’t seem to find her place anymore. She makes up her mind to leave and starts a resignation letter to Jade. Matt tries to change her mind but he can’t quite break through her isolation and insecurity. Jade finds Erin packing and realises that it’s up to her to make her friend stay. She decides to show the illusionist that the magic hasn’t gone, it’s just been forgotten. Erin is convinced to give the troupe one last chance and she and Jade head back to rehearsal. Kayleigh is starting to find her feet and the others lose their anger as Opening Night draws ever closer.

During a break between dances Jedric finds Jess fruitlessly consulting her crystal ball, anxiously trying to divine some sort of future for their troupe. Together they work out that, despite a somewhat murky crystal ball, the troupe will make its own future. With rehearsal almost done the dancers let off some steam to chase away the First Night jitters and find themselves finally working as a team.

Photos:  Petra Quinlan, Nicole Underwood and Michaela Millar

The Crew


  • Daniel Weeks – a mime artist
  • Jade Wolf – the captain of the troupe
  • Jedric Nel – the ring master
  • Jess Frost – a fortune teller
  • Raphael Ceillier – a puppet master
  • Jake Turner – a juggler
  • Lauren Boni – a baton-twirler
  • Ross Hunter – a tightrope walker
  • Erin Young – the illusionist
  • Scott Armstrong – the announcer
  • Kayleigh Packwood – a trapeze artist
  • Marelie Viljoen – the lion tamer
  • Gemma Kilian – a contortionist
  • Matthew Barrett – the magician
  • Robyn Humphreys – conductor
  • Hannah Micklewood – a can-can dancer
  • Kristina Steward – a can-can dancer
  • Tessa Weir-Smith – a can-can dancer
  • Dina du Plessis – an apprentice
  • Josie Trollip – an apprentice
  • Achume Kondlo – a puppet
  • Wandukhanye Kondlo – a puppet
  • Elizabeth Brink – a ballerina in training
  • Victoria Still – a ballerina in training
  • Fallon Lowe – a ballerina in training


  • Choreographers – Cheryl Wolf, Robyn Humphreys, Jade Wolf, Gemma Kilian, Kayleigh Packwood and friends
  • Lighting – Danie Brown
  • Sound – Liam Watson, Luc van den Handel, Branden van Staden
  • Stage hands – Morgan Brymer, Famke Beukes, Nikki Bornebosch, Gabby Lubner, Hannah Fermor
  • Costume designers – Helen-Marie Ceillier, Alexa Frost
  • Set and costume co-ordinators – Michelle and Erin Young, Hannelie Viljoen,
  • Eva Micklewood, Alexa and Jess Frost,
  • Helen-Marie Ceillier, Elaine Boni, Laurel Giddy,
  • Colleen Nel, Nicola Steward, Leanna Dreyer,
  • Jade Wolf, Nikki Steward, Anne Weir-Smith,
  • Petra Quinlan
  • Backdrop – Candice Logan (helped by Hannah Micklewood,
  • Tessa Weir-Smith and Kristina Steward)
  • Quad décor and tuck shop – Hannelie Viljoen and her Matric Dance Committee

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Circus of Dreams

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