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Care & Cuddle for Comfort

Care & Cuddle for Comfort

Oakhill’s Interact Club is once again sharing community care and kindness as they support Knysna Education Trust (KET) by encouraging each Oakhillian to please gift a small teddy or soft toy for children to cuddle for comfort.

KET’s “Blocks for Growth” programme is a stimulation programme for pre-school children in disadvantaged communities. KET creates stimulation packs, with a booklet and relevant toys/materials, to support a worthy and early interventation programme on emotions and protective behaviour training for young children. They talk about emotions and teach the children skills to facilitate a healthy expression of their feelings. Each child is then gifted a small soft toy that they can cuddle for comfort.

As part of our joy of caring and joy of giving, Oakhill Interact hopes to gift approximately 450+ soft toys/teddy bears from Oakhill by the end of term. The teddies or soft toys can be either new or pre-loved (in good condition).

Please hand in all donations by Monday, 13 March and help make a difference in Early Childhood Development Centres in our community. Thanking you in advance for your support and being part of the “Joy of Caring” and cuddles for comfort.

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