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Bobaas Braai Dag!

Bobaas Braai Dag!

The Grade Fours enjoyed “Bobaas Braai Dag” on Friday, 31st May 2013. It grew from a class oral lesson, with each class being divided into five groups and attending to the following tasks: vuurmakers (fire starters), braaiers, bediening (service), slaai (salads) and nagereg (dessert).

What great fun was had by all the groups. The children shared many different recipes, creating their own South African style of cuisine.

The “Bobaas Braai Dag” created a great amount of curiosity and interest amongst those who happened to pass us by and who smelt the delicious aromas wafting across the campus.

You just can’t beat a braai!

Report: Matt Schoeman
Prep Afrikaans

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