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Bendigo Pimps a Crèche (or two)

Bendigo Pimps a Crèche (or two)

This year Bendigo went PIMPING a crèche again! House mentors and captains gathered their blue troops and collaborated their efforts to make a difference in the lives of people in our Knysna community. Two crèches in need of some TLC were identified: Concordia Educare with 70 kids and Gugulethu crèche with 35 kids. The students gathered donations and supplies and then spent two afternoons painting jungle gyms and walls, building swings, putting up fences, creating a vegetable garden and passing on donations of food, blankets, toys and clothing.

Just a few days of effort made a real difference in the lives of the crèche children, and our Oakhill students learnt the wonderful value of giving of themselves without expecting anything in return.

A special thank you goes to Derek van Heerden from Megaplastic and Lara Barnard from Carpet-Co who made generous contributions to this project. Much gratitude to all the parents and pupils that assisted in collecting and buying all the items that were needed to make the project a success.

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Bendigo Pimps a Crèche (or two)

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Bendigo Pimps a Crèche (or two)