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This term has been all about fostering positive Social & Emotional Growth & Awareness, Character Education, and nurturing essential skills like Self-Regulation and EQ development in our amazing Foundation Phase children! Through their dedicated efforts on the #BeAGoodHumanProject, these little champions have been building Empathy, Grit & Resilience, shaping themselves into the incredible individuals they aspire to be when they grow up – true #GoodHumans!

Last Friday, we celebrated their hard work with a well-deserved recognition hour, where they got to choose from a plethora of exciting activities! From Slip and Slide water fun, crafting Advent Calendars filled with treats, a Slime making science experiment, a delightful walk to town for ice-cream cones, a thrilling Soccer Match, to a creative pottery workshop – our children were spoiled for choice!

Well done to each and every one of our Foundation Phase children. Let the journey of becoming amazing #GoodHumans continue!

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