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Another Derby Day: Oakhill Prep vs. Holy Cross Convent

Another Derby Day: Oakhill Prep vs. Holy Cross Convent

A beautiful day greeted the Prep School as we escorted a 100 plus students to George to play Hockey, Rugby and Netball against Holy Cross.  In a fantastic festival atmosphere, with parents and students from both schools supporting and encouraging enthusiastically, the scores almost became irrelevant.  Oakhill Rugby and Netball have improved in leaps and bounds and although our teams lost their games, they were certainly competitive and have shown, that as we grow, we have the potential to grow some more and give other teams a sound challenge.  On the Hockey field we really showed what we can do, with some solid results.  Oakhill Prep were a joyful force to be reckoned with.

Report: Stefan Weyers

On Saturday the under 11 girls played hockey against Holy Cross in the Derby Day.  We had a fantastic time playing.  Unfortunately we lost the match 4–0. We really played a very good match. We were always so close to scoring, but just couldn’t get that ball in the goal box.  We gave it our all and played our hearts out – running up and down the field.  The most important thing is that we had fun and played as a team.

Report: Neve Canny

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