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Achievements for Term 3 Week 4

Achievements for Term 3 Week 4




SWD Short Course Gala results:

1st Gala results:

Burger van Niekerk achieved: 5 x 1st places.

2nd Gala results:

Anola Walk achieved: 5 x 1st places.

Burger van Niekerk achieved: 4 x 1st places.

3rd gala was held on Friday, 2 August: results not available yet.




The following students have been selected for SWD Gymnastics:

Tamara Foyn

Francine Olivier

Danielle Behrens




u15 vs Curro

Lost by 10 points


u15 and 1st vs Prince Albert

both the teams lost by sizeable margins but a good learning curve for the boys.




vs Wittedrift

Oakhill won 7 out of 9 games.


1st XI Boys vs NMMU

Lost 1 – 5

MOM: J-J Strydom


All fixtures vs Langenhoven Gim.

u14 Boys

Won 3 – 0

MOM: Dimitre Papgis


u14 Girls

Lost 0 – 2

GOM: Shared by Bella Stevenson and Natasha Burgesmeir


u16 Girls

Lost 0 – 3

GOM: Amy Williams


u16 Boys

Won 3 – 2

MOM: Steven Campbell


2nd XI Girls

Lost 0 – 4

GOM: Garance Chabanel


1st Girls

Drew 0 – 0

GOM: Amy Williams


1st Boys

Lost 1 – 2

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